Mural Festival - Montreal

I’m lucky to have been invited to the first Mural Festival in Montreal. Great Line up of artists including Escif, Pixel Pancho, Phlem, Roa, Gaia, Other to name a few. Over 20 different walls are getting painted in the same district. Also a big Street party over the next week. More photos to come…

MURAL will muster over 35 local and international artists over 2 km of open-air market on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, closed to traffic for the occasion. The festival will showcase the creation of near 20 unique murals which will redefine the Main’s image for the next year. Every night during the festival, a special event will be held that will enable attendees to gather in a different location in order to continue the creative celebrations.

As an international public art festival bound to the celebration of creativity and the democratisation of urban art, MURAL will transform for a week the Saint-Laurent Boulevard into a real open-air museum where local and international artists will unite their talents in the most creative manners.

Unique rendezvous to the American North East, the annual event gathers the visual arts avant-garde in order to consecrate Montreal as an essential artistic pole in North America.’

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