Mother and Daughter – Мати і дочка

My two 9 storey walls I painted during my 2 week stay in Kiev were influenced by Kiev’s unique architecture and especially the Large monument “Mother of Motherland”(Батьківщина-Мати)

The 2 murals connect together as a diptych to depict A mother’s love for her Daughter. This theme has been explored through elements of female forms in motion, almost flowing like the river. The action of passing down knowledge to the next generation of Kiev…
Big thanks to the great team at ‪Art United Us‬ for the support and this amazing experience. Kiev is magical!






Luna Eclipse – Screenprint

It is quite rare for me to release screen-prints. A little while ago, I released my first 10 layer screen print, titled Luna Eclipse.  In collaboration with good friends Street Art News, Mission To Art & Sericraft during my short residency in Italy with Street Alps in late 2015.

There are still some limited editions left of the LUNA ECLIPSE Screentprint that is exclusively sold through the Street Art News Store
Print measures 50 x 50 cm on 300gsm Hahnemuhle paper. Hand Pulled 10 Layer silk-screen print signed and numbered out of an edition of only 35.
Get in fast, before they vanish!